What services does Om Maui Studio offer?
Om Maui Studio offers a variety of wellness practices and services; Yoga, Pilates, Spin, Barre, and Fitness Classes alongside Personal Training and Massage Therapy.

Who are the group classes appropriate for?
Our classes are open to all levels and all ages 14 and older. We do offer certain Level 2 classes such as Yoga: Level 2, Brazilian Butt and Cardio Circuit where we recommend having previous experience with the type of movement done in the class you will be taking. 

If you have any special considerations, medical conditions or are recovering from an injury, we do recommend first talking to your doctor and/or physical therapist about commencing an exercise program.  Then we can help you set and evaluate your goals with you and one of our certified personal trainers as a team. If Personal Training is deemed a better option, a certified personal trainer will help you progress into group classes as appropriate. If you are unsure of whether or not Personal Training is the best option for you, check out our Personal Training page.  Medical clearance from your doctor may be required before starting personal training or group classes (see questions below).

What is the age restriction for attending classes at Om Maui?
We typically allow participants over the age of 14 to attend class, but can make exceptions as long as the individual has the maturity level to participate and pay attention to instructions. If the underage participant would like to attend a class where we use the Spin bikes, their legs must be able to reach the pedals of the bike. A chaperone must sign a waiver for participants under the age of 18 and that chaperone must also be present in the first class taken by the minor.

Can my child wait for me while I’m in class?
Children can wait in the reception area but cannot stay inside of the room during the class.  

I’m new to exercise – where should I start?
Talk with your doctor first if you have any medical condition that you are being treated for. A goal orientation is the best way to assess your current needs and goals in order to determine whether personal training or group classes are the best fit for you.

For individuals that have no medical conditions or special considerations we suggest starting your wellness journey with our Conditioning class, alongside our Spinning classes to develop cardio strength and Yoga: Level 1 and Pilates Basics classes to develop flexibility and body awareness. 

I’m recovering from an injury – where should I start?
Depending on what type of injury you’ve sustained, how long it has been since your injury and what kind of therapy you have done since the injury, we may require a doctor’s release before you are cleared to attend class or private training. 

The best way to figure out your needs is to book a Goal Orientation with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. In this 45 minute session the trainer will work together as a team to help you figure out if personal training, small group classes or another form of physical therapy is the best plan for you. 

Is personal training a suitable option for me?
There are a variety of reasons why people choose personal training – read more about the reasons why on our Personal Training page.

Why would I need a medical release to attend class or personal training?
We require a medical release from your physician if you have any of the following:

  • Heart condition
  • Bone or joint problem
  • High blood pressure
  • Coronary artery disease
  • High cholesterol 
  • Diabetes

How do I reserve a class?
Om Maui Studio uses an online booking system. The system is accessible through the Class Schedule page on our website, as well as through the MindBody app that can be downloaded on all iOS and Android devices. 

To reserve a class you can click on the “Sign Up” button by the class you want to attend, or you can click on the “Create Account” link at the top right hand corner of the page. You will then be prompted to create a username (your email) and password, after which you will be asked to agree to our online waiver. You will then be logged into the system and can make your payment of choice for your class reservation. You can also use the online scheduler to see what classes you are signed up for, make any cancelations (please see our cancelation policy) and book personal training or massage services.

Do I need an account to reserve a space for class online?
Yes, the online reservation system is the only way to reserve your class ahead of time. Our online system allows you to securely purchase class passes, personal training & massage services, manage your account and see the most up to date studio schedule.

Do I need to reserve a class online ahead of time in order to attend class?
We definitely recommend reserving your space for class ahead of time, as space is limited and some classes do fill up. However, you can always show up at the studio as a drop in if you are unsure if you will be able to attend class and cannot make a commitment to the 4 hour cancelation window. Please see our Studio Policies for more information on our cancelation policy, waitlist and holding class reservations. 

How far in advance can I reserve a class?
We typically publish the studio schedule for the upcoming month in the middle of the previous month (e.g. November schedule is posted around October 15th). 

How does the waitlist work?
We have 10 spaces on the waitlist for each scheduled class. Members will be required to purchase a class pass to be added to the waitlist, or a class will be deducted from their existing class pass if they have one on their account. If you have purchased a single class pass and did not get from the waitlist into the class, you will have 2 weeks to use the class pass. 

Members that are on a waitlist are expected to check their online account to verify their class status.  When a spot opens in a class that was previously full, members will be automatically added to the class based on their waitlist position (1st,2nd,etc.).   You will receive a courtesy confirmation email, but clients are nonetheless responsible for checking their MindBody accounts to verify if have been added to the class from the waitlist.

Members that are added from the Waitlist to the class are subject to the Late Cancel Fee if they have been added to the class 60 minutes or more before the class starts.

Each class reservation is held for the client until the class begins, i.e. class starts at 6am: the reservation is valid until exactly 6am, at which time the client must be in the room and ready to start the class.  Once the class has begun, reservations no longer exist and the class is open first to members on the waitlist and second to walk-in participants that are waiting in the reception and ready to join the class. Reservations are non-transferable.

How do I cancel a class online?
Once you have logged into your MindBody account either through our website or the app, you can cancel your class reservation through the My Schedule tab. An “Early Cancel” is a cancelation that has been made more than 4 hours before the class starts. A “Late Cancel” is a cancelation made less than 4 hours before the start of class – the class will be considered consumed and members with an unlimited class pass will be charged $5 for a Late Cancel. 

How can I view the classes I have reserved online?
Once you have logged into our MindBody system you can see the classes you have reserved under the My Schedule tab. You can also see all your transactions, receipts, check your past visits and change any account information securely.  

How do I check in when I arrive at the studio?
We have an iPad at the front desk that you can use to check in for a class. If you have reserved a class ahead of time, your name will appear in the class with a green “Check in” button that you can tap once you arrive at the studio. There is also an option to add yourself to the class if you did not reserve your space in the class ahead of time. If the class is full or if you have not made your payment for the class, please make sure to check in with the receptionist or instructor for the class. 

If the iPad is unavailable, please check in with the receptionist or instructor to ask them to check you in for the class.

How early before class starts should I arrive at the studio?
 Make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early in order to learn how to set up your bike and/or space in class. .Be sure to let the front desk or your instructor know if you’re a newbie and they’ll help get you set up on a bike if the class involves any Spinning. Our Keiser bikes are adjustable for:

  1. Seat height
  2. Seat distance from handlebars
  3. Handlebar height

What if I am late for class?
All of our classes are a journey with a beginning middle and end, and it is in your best interest to experience the entire class for maximum benefits. Our fitness classes require a thorough warm-up, and we take time at the beginning of our yoga classes to create an atmosphere of where we can focus on the practice. However, we have a 5 minute grace period after the start of class where you will be able to join class space permitting. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will need to receive permission from the instructor to join class, space permitting. Classes will be closed 10 minutes after class start time. 

What if I have to leave class early?
We kindly ask that on the special occasion that you need to leave class before class ends, please notify the teacher at the beginning of class. Please also return your props and equipment back in their places in a non-disruptive manner and make sure to wipe down any equipment and studio mats that you have used the with cleaning spray and paper towels provided. 

What should I wear and bring to class?
Wear comfortable athletic clothing that will allow you to move with ease. Please note that closed toe shoes are required for all of our fitness and spinning classes. 

Please make sure to bring water to class, or you can purchase water from us behind the front desk for $1.50/bottle. Be sure to hydrate before, during and after fitness classes. We also recommend bringing a small sweat towel to class. 

We also recommend making sure to eat something light an hour before a morning class. If you plan on doing more than one class back to back, it’s a good idea to have a small snack or energy drink with you in order to keep your energy levels high enough to fully participate in all of your classes. 

Where can I store my belongings?
Please leave your outdoor shoes and other belongings in the cubbies or on the benches in our reception area. Your valuables are best left at home or in your car. 

How do the Unlimited Class Passes work?
Our Unlimited Class Passes are valid for consecutive months and begin on the day of your first class taken. Unlimited class passes can only be suspended in the case of a medically verified injury or extenuating circumstances. 

Can I suspend or cancel my Class Pass or Private Training?
Class passes and private training sessions can only be extended or suspended in the event of a medically verified injury. A doctor’s note will be required for the suspension to take effect. We will also require a doctor’s note when you are cleared to return to class in order to unsuspend your pass. 

Any of our class passes or personal training packages can be canceled, but cannot be returned or exchanged. However, they can be maintained as an account credit for up to 4 months from the purchase date.