Single Class– $22
10 Class Pass – $180
15 Class Pass – $225

3 Month Unlimited – $180/month
6 Month Unlimited – $160/month
12 Month Unlimited– $140/month

All unlimited passes are consecutive days or months only, pass begins on the day of your 1st class taken.  


Single Session – $57
4 Specialty Class Pass– $200
8 Specialty Class Pass– $360

Semi-private Pilates sessions on the Reformer, Tower, Springboard and Chair with a qualified Pilates instructor.

Single Session – $130
5 Sessions – $550
10 Sessions – $1000

Pilates Fundamentals Class Series – $280 for 8 sessions over the course of 4 weeks  *Due to COVID-19 limitations, we are unable to offer Pilates Fundamentals at this time.  Contact the front desk for more options.

**All class series are applicable only for class series client signs up for. Classes are not exchangeable for ongoing Pilates Specialty Classes, Small Group Classes, or Private Training sessions. Full payment for 8 sessions is due in order to secure spot in class series. Once all spots have been filled, class series will be closed. No refunds. 


60 Minute Sessions
1 Session – $100
5 Sessions – $450
10 Sessions – $800
20 Sessions – $1400

30 Minute Sessions
10 Sessions – $600

90 Minute Sessions
1 Session – $120

Goal Orientation
1 Session – $50

Return and Exchange Policy described below applies to online and in-store purchases:

Non-Returnable: All sales of services such as class passes, personal training and gift cards are final. Non-returnable services cannot be returned or exchanged but can be maintained as an account credit for up to 4 months from purchase date.

All other items must be accompanied by the original receipt or proof of purchase to be eligible for exchange or account credit.

For any service purchased and commenced, original expiration date will be honored.

Studio Policies Effective November 1, 2016:

  • No Wireless Communication in Classroom(e.g. texting or calling on cell phones or iWatch):

We prefer that you leave your cell phones in the reception area or in your car on silent or off.  In a special circumstance that you need your phone/watch for wireless communication, please be respectful to other students and your teacher and leave the classroom to make or receive a phone call and/or text.  Should usage of wireless communication become distracting, disruptive, unsafe or hinder the class conduction for the class participant, teacher or other class participants in the studio, you may be asked to stop wireless communication or leave the class.

  • Late Entry to Class: 

If you are more than 5 minutes late for class, you must ask for permission from the instructor or front desk representative to join the class.

  • If you do arrive late to a class, be respectful to the other members when setting up your equipment. You must be able to set up your equipment independently without disturbing the class.
  • Spot Saving not permitted:

We do NOT allow instructors or clients to save spots, bikes or equipment for anyone.

  • Footwear Requirements:

Closed toe shoes are required for all classes that involve spin and fitness/weight training.  Please visit the website’s class descriptions to see if shoes are required for your class.

  • The Online Scheduler is used and managed by clients for reservations, cancelations and waitlist notifications:
    • Clients are responsible for canceling their classes using the online scheduler. Emails and phone calls are not accepted as early or late cancels.
    • Members that are on a waitlist are expected to check their online account to verify their class status.  When a spot opens in a class that was previously full, members will be automatically added to the class based on their waitlist position (1st,2nd,etc.).   You may receive a courtesy confirmation email, but clients are nonetheless responsible for checking their accounts to verify if have been added to the class from the waitlist. The Waitlist has 4-5 spaces depending on the class.  Only members can sign-up for the waitlist with their online account.
    • Members that are added from the Waitlist to the class are subject to the Late Cancel Fee if they have been added to the class 60 minutes or more before the class starts.
    • Each class reservation is held for the client until the class begins, i.e. class starts at 6am: the reservation is valid until exactly 6am, at which time the client must be in the room and ready to start the class.  Once the class has begun, reservations no longer exist and the class is open first to members on the waitlist and second to walk-in participants that are waiting to in the reception and ready to join the class.   Reservations are non-transferable among members.
    • If you are on the Waitlist and will not make it to the class please take your reservation off of the Waitlist as a courtesy to other members that are waiting for a spot, mahalo.


  • Please be kind and friendly to everyone at Om Maui.
  • Make sure to clean and wipe off your mat, bike and equipment after use.
  • Refrain from using the bathroom right when class starts, especially in classes that begin in a quiet environment (e.g. yoga).
  • If you are in the reception area during the end or beginning of a yoga class, please be as quiet as possible to not disturb meditation or savasana.
  • As a new client, give yourself 10-15 minutes before the start of class to familiarize yourself with the equipment and the instructor for the class.
  • Try to keep your belongings organized and compact in the reception area.
  • Wear and use clean clothes, shoes, towels and mats free of debris, odors, heavy scented perfumes, sand, dirt, mud, etc.


  • Check your schedule in your online account after you reserve a class(es) to confirm your reservation. If you sign up for a class you will be held responsible for that reservation.
  • Download our app to your phone so that you can easily reserve and cancel classes, check your schedule and receive updates to your waitlist/class status.
  • Participating in strenuous classes while fasting is not recommended.
  • Check the lost & found to see if your belongings may have ended up there. We donate lost & found items to charity every few months.