Pilates Equipment classes will teach you the basic principles of the Pilates method while working with modern and classical Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Tower, Springboard, Chair, and MOTR. This specialized equipment is designed specifically to strengthen the muscles and bones with resistance while providing the support your body needs to find proper alignment during your workout.  Each apparatus also acts as an aid for the body to access efficient movement.  The variable resistance and support of the equipment is what makes the equipment classes so unique, as well as suitable for various levels of ability.  These are semi-private classes with a maximum of 4 students. 

Our Pilates Classes are ongoing classes open to students with prior Pilates Equipment knowledge. Pilates Class Series are a set of sequential classes, like a course, that are purchased and reserved in full upfront.

We recommend students with no prior experience with Pilates Equipment to take Pilates Fundamentals Class Series before entering ongoing classes. If you are new to Pilates and  prefer to work one-on-one with an instructor over taking Pilates Fundamentals, we offer private training to prepare you to join the semi-private classes. Private training is also available for individuals with special considerations, or ones that are looking for specific training on the Pilates Equipment.


Interested in Pilates classes?  Please contact the front desk at ommaui@gmail.com.  Due to new studio procedures classes are booked as a duet– drop ins are no longer available.

Pilates: Reformer & Tower Basics – 60 min

The Basics classes offer students work with the equipment at a gentle, accessible pace. Class will cover basic, simple exercises on the Pilates equipment (reformer and tower) that will be easy to follow, not overly fancy or complicated. The equipment is extremely helpful in facilitating good movement patterns, creating body awareness, and learning proper biomechanics. The exercises will revolve around creating more mobility and flexibility alongside stabilizing movements for the arms, legs and core. You will leave feeling refreshed yet strong, and best of all—an integrated whole. Participation in a Pilates Fundamentals Class Series or Private Training is recommended prior to this class for those who are completely new to Pilates.

Pilates: Reformer & Tower 1 – 60 min 

This Level 1 class aims to develop a strong and stable core, create an evenly toned body, improve sports performance, gain flexibility, increase joint mobility and prevent injuries.  It is a gentle but challenging class that uses specialty equipment to integrate your body to move with enhanced body awareness and alignment. With concentration on smooth, flowing workouts, you will increase awareness of how proper alignment should feel during movement, which will take your strength and flexibility to the next level.

Pilates: Reformer & Tower 2 – 60 min

This class will reinforce the basic principles of the Pilates method performed on modern and classical Pilates equipment.  It is great for students who are familiar with Pilates principles and are ready to intensify their workout.  This class moves at a faster yet controlled pace.  More emphasis will be placed on pelvic and scapular stabilization, with an intensified muscular challenge for the core, legs, glutes and arms (strength, flexibility and joint mobility).  In this class you will improve core strength, increase sports performance, decrease risk of injuries, and strengthen all your muscles and bones. 

**A full understanding of the equipment is required to take this class.  Clients must first be cleared by one of our certified instructors before attending Level 2 Pilates Equipment Classes.


Pilates Fundamentals Class Series   8 x 60 min sessions over 4 weeks

Ready to start Pilates? The Pilates Fundamentals class series is perfect for new or current students who want to learn in a consistent, structured, safe and supportive group environment.

These semi-private, personalized classes teach you:
• The five basic principles of Pilates
• PROPER ALIGNMENT: the basic mat, tower, chair and reformer exercises including modifications to suit each clients’ individual needs
• BIOMECHANICAL PRINCIPLES: full-body movement to develop strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
• BODY AWARENESS: how to identify better movement patterns in your own body to keep your joints and tissues healthy
• How to use, set-up and adjust the Pilates equipment
• Modifications, personal reminders and cues to help you get the most out of your workout

Pilates helps engage the deeper muscles of the body to create a strong core, healthy muscles and healthy posture. Pilates teaches the body to work from the inside out. This class series will include Pilates basics exercises alongside options for more challenging variations of exercises.

**Please note that clients must pay for full class series (4 weeks, 8 classes) in advance. No refunds or class transferring available. 8 classes on valid for classes in the series client is signed up for.


Private Training on Pilates Equipment

Private sessions begin with an initial goal orientation where a customized program is designed to meet your individual needs and goals. This program will address injuries, chronic pain, weakness, tightness, as well as aesthetic concerns. Om Maui Studio’s trainers will work with you to create a challenging and specified workout developed for you. A holistic approach is used in rehabilitative/corrective Pilates to address the body’s imbalances, and to treat the root of the problem while correcting asymmetries and chronic weaknesses to prevent re-injury and bring the body back into balance.

Prenatal Pilates

At Om Maui Studio we currently provide pre & post natal Pilates workouts in a private setting. Our pre and post natal Pilates cultivates, nurtures and supports a deep body/mind connection with a specifically tailored program for mothers and mothers-to-be. Sessions will focus on safe core work, split abdominals, pelvic floor work, postural awareness and cesarean healing to keep the body & mind healthy and happy through pregnancy and into motherhood.