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Om Maui’s philosophy focuses a creating a balance of wellness practices. We offer a variety of mind-body, fitness, semi-private and private training classes that will increase your health.  Classes are focused on small groups of 18 or less so that you receive individual attention in every class.  We suggest that you reserve your classes online, although drop-in’s are welcome provided that space is available.  

Return and Exchange Policy described below applies to online and in-store purchases:

Non-Returnable: All sales of services such as class passes, personal training and gift cards are final. Non-returnable services cannot be returned or exchanged but can be maintained as an account credit for up to 4 months from purchase date.

All other items must be accompanied by the original receipt or proof of purchase to be eligible for exchange or account credit.

For any service purchased and commenced, original expiration date will be honored.

Late Cancel Policy Effective June 1, 2020:

All classes reserved and/or scheduled by clients and/or members that are canceled 10 hours or less prior to the class time are considered a “Late Cancel”.  All classes reserved and/or scheduled by clients and/or members that do not come to the class and fail to late cancel will be considered as a “No Show”, “Absent” and/or “Late Cancel”.

All appointments, including but not limited to private training, that are canceled 24 hours or less prior to appointment time are considered a “Late Cancel”.  All appointments reserved and/or scheduled by clients and/or members that do not come to the appointment and fail to late cancel will be considered as a “No Show”, “Absent” and/or “Late Cancel”.

Late Cancel’s will be treated as a consumed class or session if not canceled or re-scheduled within the appropriate time frame.

For any absent, no show or late cancellations, Clients and/or Members with Unlimited Class Passes will be subject to a automatic “Late Cancel Fee” of $5.

Although phone calls and emails to the studio informing of cancellation are appreciated, they are not considered and early cancellation. Members are expected to manage their schedule and cancellation through their online MindBody account or through the MindBody app.

Class Reservation & Waitlist Policy:

A reserved class, or “reservation”, is a class that a member has booked before the class has started with their online account or through a receptionist with the member’s permission.  A member is able to see their class reservations and how they were signed up for a class by accessing the “Visits” or “Schedule” page via their online account.  Each class reservation is held for the member until the class begins, i.e. class starts at 6am: the reservation is valid until exactly 6am.  Once the class has begun, reservations no longer exist and the class is open first to members on the waitlist and second to walk-in participants that are waiting in the reception.   Reservations are non-transferable among members.  Saving spots or bikes is not permitted by members or instructors.

The Waitlist has 4-5 spaces depending on the class.  Only members can sign-up for the waitlist with their online account.  When a spot opens in a class that was previously full, members will be automatically added to the class based on their waitlist position (1st,2nd,etc.).   Members that are on a waitlist are expected to check their online account to verify their class status.  Members are subject to an automatic “Late Cancel Fee” when they receive a spot in the class and do not show up to the class which is considered as a “No Show”, “Absent” and/or “Late Cancel”.  Members that are added from the Waitlist to the class are subject to the Late Cancel Fee if they have been added to the class 60 minutes or more before the class starts.

*If you are on the Waitlist and will not make it to the class please take your reservation off of the Waitlist as a courtesy to other members that are waiting for a spot, mahalo.