Pilates Spin- 60 min

A fusion class of 30 minutes of Spinning followed by 30 minutes of Pilates Mat I. A great class to start or improve your cardiovascular endurance and core strength.

*Shoes required.


Pilates Equipment classes will teach you the basic principles of the Pilates method while performed on modern and classical Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac Tower, Springboard and MOTR.  The specialized equipment are designed specifically to strengthen the muscles and bones with resistance while providing support for your body to find proper alignment during your workout.  Each apparatus also acts as an aid for the body to access efficient movement.  The variable resistance and support of the equipment is what makes the equipment classes so unique and suitable for various levels of ability.  This is a semi-private class with a maximum of 4 students. 

Pilates: Reformer & Tower I – 60 min 

This Level 1 class aims to develop a strong and stable core, create an evenly toned body, improve sports performance, gain flexibility, increase joint mobility and prevent injuries.  It is a gentle but challenging class that uses specialty equipment to integrate your body to move with enhanced body awareness and alignment. With concentration on smooth, flowing workouts, you will become fine tuned to how proper alignment feels while you move which will take your strength and flexibility to the next level.

Pilates: Reformer & Tower II- 60 min

This class will reinforce the basic principles of the Pilates method while performed on modern and classical Pilates equipment.  It is great for students who are familiar with Pilates principles and are ready to the intensity their workout.  This class moves at a faster yet controlled pace and focuses on placing more emphasis on pelvic and scapular stabilization with an intensified muscular challenge for the core, legs, glutes and arms (strength, flexibility and joint mobility).  In this class you will improve core strength, sports performancee, prevent injuries, strengthen all your muscles and bones. 

**A full understanding of the equipment is required to take this class.  Clients must first be cleared by one of our certified instructors before attending Level 2 Specialty Group Classes.

Pilates Mat 60 min

Performed on a mat, this class restores the natural curves of the spine and rebalance muscles around the joints by integrating the five basic principles of the Stott Pilates method: breathing, pelvic placement, ribcage placement, scapular movement and head and cervical spine placement. Some of the benefits of this class are core strength, body awareness and proper movement.