Brazilian Lift- 60 min

This class combines resistance and functional training methods to strengthen all the major muscle groups of your body with an emphasis on glute and core training. All levels are welcome.

Brazilian Butt Class- 60 min

Concentrating only on glutes, legs and core, this is lower body blast class that will test your strength and endurance.  Level 2 class.

TRX Fit Circuit- 60 min

TRX Fit Circuit is a circuit training class that uses both reps and time which will allow for you to customize your intensity. You’ll experience circuit rounds utilizing the TRX suspension trainer and resistance training methods fused with athletic strength and endurance exercises to strengthen your body and boost your metabolism.  This total body training will take your FITness to the next level.
Class level: All Levels
TRX: Strength and Stretch- 60 min

TRX Strength and Stretch is a hybrid format combining two of the things we can’t live without: power and flexibility.  This 60min class begins with 40min of athletic strength training and flows into 20min of core training and deep stretches inspired by Pilates and Yoga.  You will experience the challenge that your body needs and the stretches that your body loves (or vise versa!).  Get ready to unify your strength and flexibility all in one class!

Cross Circuit- 60 min

A total body strength training workout fused with cardio drills on the bike that help strengthen your body, increase agility, burn calories to lose fat and tone your muscles from head to toe.

Functional Training- 60 min

Get ready to master new exercises and unveil a whole new you! Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional training also emphasizes core stability, muscular endurance, strength and speed.  Prior experience weight training is highly recommended before participating in this class – all are welcome.

Conditioning- 60 min

A perfect combination of spinning and resistance training, this total-body workout will help condition your body to increase cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.  Great for beginners and options to increase challenge for those experienced with cardio and weight training.

Barre Spin- 60 min

With 20 min. of Spinning and 40 min. at the Barre, Om Barre Spin is an intense, balanced blend of cardio, strength, posture and flexibility training. This fusion format will introduce you to Om Maui Studio’s Barre classes which focus on quality of movement inspired by Pilates, Dance, and Yoga methods. Enticing the mind to connect with your body, Om Maui Studio’s Barre classes will leave you feeling stronger, longer, leaner and invigorated!