3 Tips for Motivating Yourself to Move this March!

Kickstart your healthy Spring  with our 3 tips on how to stay motivated!

March is that time of year when many of us regroup on our New Year’s resolutions and look for a new boost of motivation to either get us going or keep us moving toward our goals. Our 3 tips on getting and staying motivated will help you beat those procrastination tendencies and cement the fitness habit by creating the shift from moving your body because you HAVE to – to doing it because you WANT to.

1. Establish the habit – set a realistic workout schedule that you can stick to. Many of us get super excited about becoming healthier, stronger versions of ourselves and can often set goals that may be unrealistic or difficult to reach in the amount of time we are giving ourselves. Set yourself up for success by starting off with one or two classes a week that work for your schedule If you’re not sure exactly where to get started, you can book a Goal Orientation with one of our certified personal trainers to go over your goals and design a plan that meets your needs and fits your schedule. Our whole team is here to support you and keep you motivated!
2. Focus on the positive outcomes of being active: increased energy levels, less stress, improved quality of sleep, and that endorphin buzz! Everyone experiences these benefits from exercise, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Our large variety of classes means that can move your body in a way that is appropriate, safe and effective for you. The undeniable connection between feeling good in your physical body and your mental state also means that you’ll be able to be a better person for all the people around you!
3. Keep it social – come to class with a friend or family member to help keep you both motivated! Exercising with other people can hold you more accountable for sticking to your plan. You’re far less likely to ditch your workout when it’s only yourself you’re letting down, and in group fitness classes that sense of cohesion occurs when everyone is moving at the same time. When you feel connected to others during your workout, it makes it so much easier to build up the exercise habit.

So there they are! Take these three exercise and motivation tips and use them to keep your body moving, your mind happy and your soul satisfied. Soon you’ll be exercising, not because you feel like you need to, but because you can’t imagine life without it!

Author: Om Maui

Om Maui is a wellness studio.