She Believed She Could, So She Did

Not only does this inspiring young lady work 40 hours a week as a mechanical engineer on top of Haleakala, Brialyn is also pursuing her MBA full time. Though her schedule is tight and her days busy she has managed to prioritize her health and wellness with some impressive results! Here are Brialyn’s words describing her journey to becoming both physically and mentally stronger:

“So, about a year ago I realized that since graduating from college, I had managed to put on another 10 pounds. Despite my best efforts and the fact that I was working out every week, I couldn’t lose the weight. Even when working out , sometimes I struggled to get my cardio in because of just how much effort I had to muster to move my body. I was dissatisfied with myself so I finally hunkered down and committed to better portion control, counting my calories, and establishing a more consistent fitness schedule centered around different fitness goals I wanted to achieve, rather that the sole goal of losing weight.

“Flash forward to today, and I have managed to lose 30 pounds in a year, and have been able to make and meet a number of fitness goals, largely in thanks to my supportive ladies at OM fitness, and with lots of perseverance in my eating habits. I also found that eating out less and traveling less has made it much easier to keep track of my calorie intake, so thanks COVID.

“I have totally changed my mindset towards working out and look forward to it (prioritize it even!) every week in order to de-stress from the demands of my workplace and school schedule. Focusing on and analyzing the numbers with concrete goals is just how I was able to get excited about it. Fitness isn’t a chore, it’s a pathway to a better, happier, healthier you and I feel that every day now. In fact, I’m more fit than I was OVER SEVEN YEARS AGO. Thanks again to Om Maui for the constant supply of yoga, spin, weight lifting, barre, and cardio classes that keep me going, I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to achieve next!”

With commitment and discipline Brialyn has been able to drop almost 30 lbs of excess weight in the last year, as well as increasing her muscle mass by 4 percent and improving her BMI by 5 points. All of us here at Om Maui Studio are honored to have been allowed to support her positive choices and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next!

Author: Om Maui

Om Maui is a wellness studio.

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