Private small group classes are a perfect option for those who may not feel comfortable participating in our general public classes or who can’t make the normal class times.  The private classes are great for moms, 9 to 5ers and for any group that wants to train for a specific goal alongside their friends and family.  All studio pandemic policies will still be upheld for your health and safety during your class.  To schedule your private class follow these simple steps:

1- Organize your crew within your social “pod” or “bubble”

2- Choose the day and time you and your crew can meet

3- Email the studio to reserve

 No matter what’s to come this year, your health is essential!  Commit to your health and commit to each other.  Schedule your class today and keep yourself and your loved ones active and healthy through the rest of the year.

See price details below:

3-4 students: $120 each class

5- 6 students: $180 each class

Up to 12 students: $240 each class

Prices listed are for private small group fitness classes.  Contact us for information on booking private Pilates equipment classes.

Author: Om Maui

Om Maui is a wellness studio.