Yoga for Immunity



Designed with Maui’s essential workers in mind this free, all-levels, four part series aims to boost immunity through yoga postures (asana) , breathing techniques (pranayama), and simple purification practices (kriyas) that remove toxins from the body.  These classes will help you release tension, reset your perception, and reprogram your response to stressful situations.

Wednesday, April 22: Stretch Your Body  Flexibility in your body=mobility in your life! The first session of Yoga for Immunity will focus on moving the body in a way that supports organ function, improves circulation, and lowers stress hormones.  Tension in the muscles can prevent nutrients and oxygen from properly moving throughout the body– the simple act of stretching releases buildup and encourages overall health.

Friday, April 24: Detoxify  Discover how simple yoga poses like twists, forward folds, gentle backbends, and inversions help eliminate toxins naturally, targeting the digestive, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.  Expanding on breathing techniques from the first session, we will be flushing the nasal cavity and lungs of stagnant matter to reduce the frequency and severity of colds.

Wednesday, April 29: Fuel Your Willpower  Focus on self-discipline (tapas) by harnessing your discomfort and transforming it into personal power through your yoga practice.  The postures in this class will cultivate the curiosity, stamina, and strength you need to make lasting changes on and off the mat.

Friday, May 1: Calm Your Mind  Stressful situations can cause our breathing to become tense, shallow, and erratic, triggering our “fight or flight” response.  In the final session of Yoga for Immunity we will be combining breathing techniques that support a relaxation response with restorative yoga poses to reduce the effects of stress, leaving you mentally and physically refreshed.

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Author: Om Maui

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