February Series Start Next Week!


Yoga & the Breath
Our breath is key to our yoga practice – it informs the pace, focus and awareness of our selves. When we focus on our breath, our brains actually shift more awareness to our own physical body and thoughts.  As a result, emotional stress and random thoughts are less likely to occur, giving our entire system a break.
Our structural alignment and the patterns in which we hold, perceive, and move the body are affected by the breath. Come build your breath awareness and with simple asanas and key pranayama (breathing) exercises in this 4 week series.
Week 1 – Opening the Chest for Nadi Shodhana
Week 2 –  Seated Poses & Intro to Retentions in Vilma
Week 3 – Applying Ujjayi to Your Practice

Week 4 –  Kapalbhati & Creating Inner Heat

Monday at 6:30pm with Leena, February 3-24, 2020
Purchase your Yoga Series pass here, or use your regular class pass to drop in!
Fitness for 50+ Continues
We continue on with our conditioning series geared toward older adults and beginners!  As featured in the Maui News Health and Fitness Guide in January 2020, this class is specifically designed for special populations: older adults, beginners to fitness, prenatal, or those with special considerations due to previous injury.   Designed to prepare students to confidently step into our regular small group classes, each session will incorporate:

Cardiovascular exercise on the bike (15-20 mins)
Strength training (20 mins)
Mobility, balance, and flexibility (10-15 mins)

Tuesday/Thursday at 10:45am with Becca, February 4-27, 2020
Purchase your Fitness for 50+ Series pass here, or use your regular class pass to drop in!

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