What’s New at Om Maui Studio?

IMG_4634New Classes and Series on the September Schedule!

Pilates Basics, Monday 8:15am.  Join Tai every Monday to explore Pilates Basics at a gentle, accessible pace!  Learn simple exercises on the Pilates equipment (reformer and tower of springs) that will be easy to follow while creating more mobility, flexibility, and strength through the entire body.

TRX Cardio Circuit, Monday 8:15am.  Start your week off right with a heart-pumping, calorie-blasting hour with Becca!!  Combining the best elements of TRX resistance training with the cardio benefits of circuit training for a fast paced and fun workout.

Yoga Hip Openers for a Healthy Back, Monday 6:30pm.  Come loosen tight hips and improve flexibility to ease and prevent back pain.  Throughout September Leena will guide you through this 4-week series that will help open tight or restricted parts of the body that may be causing low back pain.  Commit to yourself and your back will thank you!!  Series runs 9/9-9/30, sign up for the series here!

Conditioning for Beginners, Tuesday & Thursday 10:45am.  New to exercise?  Unsure about jumping in to one of our small group classes? Join Becca for our Conditioning for Beginners class to take a slower paced, all-ages and all-levels friendly approach to fitness!  In this fun-filled and supportive environment you’ll learn how to set up and use studio equipment.  You’ll become familiar with your rate of perceived exertion, and challenge yourself with a combination of cardio, strength training, mobility, and flexibility.

Barre, Thursday 9:30am.  Meet Leah at the Barre every Thursday for a full hour of strengthening, lengthening, and toning!  You’re guaranteed to feel the burn!!

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