Cross Train with Yoga!

Step Up Your Game with Yoga

Yoga can be amazing cross training for a multitude of different athletic endeavors, alongside being a great way to off-set the negative effects of sitting at a desk, behind the wheel or standing throughout your work day. Yoga can increase stamina, flexibility, and agility, as well as provide stress release. It can shorten recovery time in between workouts, reduce risk of injury and allow you to make that mind-body connection that allows you to respond to challenging situations with a focused mind.

What differentiates yoga from other physical activities is the integral connection between movement and breath. When you connect your movements to each inhale and exhale, you allow your mind to focus on the present moment. Through this type of focused breathing your mind can relax and release stress, negative thoughts and unproductive patterns.

The different sequences and postures held in yoga can also be very effective for releasing tight muscles caused by various sports or postural imbalances. When muscles become short from intense training or bad posture, it’s very important to stretch them to their pre-trained and optimal length in order to prevent injury and pain. Stretching the muscles through yoga postures also helps remove waste products like lactic acid and ammonia from the muscles, and reduces inflammation.

Not only does yoga provide the chance to increase your flexibility, but it can also be an effective way to build strength and stamina. Stronger, faster paced classes will keep you moving at a pace that allows your heart rate to rise to a working level, and many postures are the equivalent of strength training with your own body weight. Because yoga heats the body from the inside out, you will safely be able to open the body and stretch your muscles without risking injury. This makes yoga the perfect complementary activity to many other athletic endeavors.

Join us for our new evening yoga classes on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 6:30pm at Om Maui Studio, alongside all our regular classes!

Author: Om Maui

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