Stay On Track During Spring Break!

Ready or not Spring Break is here! With the change in your schedule and routine, sticking to your exercise goals over the next few weeks can be challenging. But research shows that taking even just a week or two off of physical activity can erase months of metabolic gains. So stay on top of your game and use our surefire tips to stay on track through Spring break and beyond to keep you moving toward your goals!

  1. Treat exercise as a scheduled appointment: You’re unlikely to miss an important doctor’s appointment and definitely don’t want to miss out on that massage or haircut that you scheduled weeks ago. Treat your workout classes the same way; commit yourself to classes by signing up ahead of time using our Online Scheduler, knowing that this appointment will help you feel better and stronger!
  2. Find the best time of day for you to workout: For many people, working out first thing in the morning is the easiest way to make sure to get your exercise in for the day. You may be too tired later in the day and excuses tend to pop up as the day goes on. However, if you work very early mornings or just feel more energized in the afternoons, afternoon and evening workouts may be a better option for you. Om Maui offers classes in the mornings and evenings so that you have several schedule options to choose from that suit you.
  3. Bring a friend! Find an accountability partner to help keep you on track. Schedule a time to walk or run together and find two or three classes per week that you both want to and can attend and commit together. Even if you can’t workout together, having someone to check in with and make sure that you have both done your workouts for the week can help keep you motivated. We are still running our 3 Classes for $10/Class for new clients until the end of March, so bring a friend or visiting family member to the studio!
  4. Plan ahead when traveling: If you’re traveling over Spring Break, you may not be able to continue with your exact exercise plan, but you can always squeeze in a simple routine until you get back home. Body weight exercises that require no equipment like walking lunges, squats, one legged balances, planks, push ups and prone back extensions are easy to do even in small spaces. Try doing two to three circuits of a combination of these exercises with a bit of rest between circuits to raise your heart rate, work up a sweat and maintain your muscular strength and endurance.
  5. Use a fitness app: For some, staying organized and focused by logging workouts helps us stay on track, and there are several fitness apps out there that can help you do just that. Check out My Fitness Pal, Lark, Gymaholic, and 3 Minute Mindfulness to help you with your goals and track your progress!

Author: Om Maui

Om Maui is a wellness studio.