Sweat It Out This Summer at Spin!


With summer in full swing it might be tempting to waver on your indoor exercise program in lieu of spending more time outside, but here are a few reasons to recommit (or start committing to) your spin and spin fusion classes!

  1. Our classes are designed to challenge and motivate you in a fun environment!
    Incredible instructors, killer tunes, and constant encouragement help push you to the max (but no further).
  2. You’ll feel the team spirit with your fellow riders. 
    Group classes help create a community that feels like a team, unified through hard work, dedication, and sweat!
  3. You’ll get a full-body workout in just an hour.
    It’s not just legs!  Blast calories, build cardio and lung capacity,
    gain definition and lean muscle mass, and work upper body and core with our various on bike routines. Try Spin + Core Training, Pilates-Spin or Barre Spin for a fusion class that combines cardio on the bike with mat and barre based strengthening exercises for important stabilizing muscles .
  4. It’s great cross training for other sports!
    Whether it’s surfing, stand up paddling, kiting, trail running or road biking, hopping on a spin bike is an awesome way to cross train for your sport. Plus, you can spin in any weather, regardless of conditions!
  5. Your endorphin buzz will kill the stress.
    You know that high you feel after you’ve pushed yourself physically and given it your all? A great spin class is basically like putting your body through an endorphin factory, and these feel-good neurotransmitters will be coursing through your system for several hours after your workout, enticing you to come back for more!

Use our Online Scheduler to sign up for classes – we offer Spin and Spin fusion classes 7 days a week!

Author: Om Maui

Om Maui is a wellness studio.