Top Reasons to Become a Certified Spin Instructor

The benefits of being a certified spin instructor are countless.  Given our Keiser Indoor Cycling Training is only a week away, let’s skim over just a few of the many reasons to become a certified spin instructor. 

You love to teach and improve lives through health and fitness

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching spin is the visible improvement and growth that you get to witness firsthand in your students. After obtaining your Keiser Spin Instructor Certification you’ll be granted the eligibility to provide practical, science-based information that they can use to take ownership of their well-being.  In turn, you get the opportunity to make a living helping others become the best versions of themselves!

You want to expand your knowledge and enhance your coaching skills

In just one day, the Keiser Foundational course will teach you how to design class formats, ride ideas, and polish your cycling techniques for an engaging cycling experience. You will learn how to properly fit, teach and cue students on bikes for safe and effective rides, as well as how to incorporate science-based training methods into your classes using metrics like power, heart rate and RPM.  Taking this course you’ll gain a greater awareness of your own body, health, and overall well-being. With awareness comes curiosity, and with curiosity comes knowledge and who knows where this will lead you next! Treat this course as the first step to embarking on your own personal and professional fitness journey.

You seek worldwide job opportunity and community

While you may acquire your certification on Maui, that does not confine you to teaching in this area! In fact, one of the most exciting aspects of teaching indoor cycling is that you are able to lead classes in studios, gyms, fitness and wellness centers across the world. Most indoor cycle facilities require that their teachers have a instructor certification; because the Keiser Foundation is nationally accredited, you will be recognized as a qualified professional anywhere in the nation. With your certification, traveling near and far you will have a better opportunity to be hired as instructor and be able to share your knowledge with people of various backgrounds and experience.  The more you can teach, the more individuals you can connect with to motivate them stay active and healthy wherever they are in the world.

You love to share your passion of cycling, music and movement 

If indoor cycling is something you love, you will emanate that passion each time you mount your bike—and inspire others too! Be prepared to see your energy affect all those in the room and create an atmosphere filled with vibrancy, determination and most of all FUN. Teaching gives you the space to move yourself and others to the beat of your favorite songs, and share the feeling that got you hooked to indoor cycling from the very start of it all. In just one class you have the chance to improve the health and wellness of your community as a whole.

For these reasons and many others that may matter to you personally, let’s begin to spread your passion to your community near and far. Register today to be come a spin instructor and make this dream become a realization.



Author: Om Maui

Om Maui is a wellness studio.