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Join us this month at Om Maui to either begin your Yoga practice, invigorate it or re-discover it!  This month we’ll be sharing our insights on the techniques and philosophy of Yoga in all of our classes and on social media, delving deeper into the roles that yoga postures, the breath and meditation play in our search for self awareness.

The practice of Yoga cultivates overall well-being in the physical body and balance in the mind by calibrating the nervous system and reinforcing the mind-body connection. This ancient philosophy involves the practice of physical postures (which is the most common form of Yoga practiced in the Western world), breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation and self-inquiry techniques that all aim to create more awareness of the self and our surroundings. In turn, this allows the practitioner to become more present, focused and able to deal with challenges in their day-to-day life.

Here at Om Maui Studio we strive to provide a peaceful and supportive environment in which to discover the wisdom of Yoga. Our various levels of classes allow anyone from a beginner to a seasoned practitioner to learn correct alignment for the asanas (postures), basic breathing techniques, and find relaxation & inner peace. Our classes have a strong focus on proper alignment, as we offer a blend of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles to accommodate the needs of each student.

Our studio is equipped with a full Iyengar Rope Wall, inversion swings and various yoga props that allows us to explore different variations of the asanas. These therapeutic tools provide support to access deeper stretches and enhance range of motion. Rather than having to work against gravity, these props enable you to utilize it by creating traction and providing stability while releasing congestion in tight areas of the body .

Let’s shed the light on Yoga together this month at Om Maui to move our bodies, open our minds and recharge ourselves with private yoga sessions and any of our  daily yoga classes:

Monday – 9:30am Yoga: Level 2
Tuesday – 8:15am Yoga: Level 1
5:30pm Yoga: Level 1
Wednesday – 10:45am Yoga: Level 1
Thursday – 8:15am Yoga: Level 1
5:30pm Yoga: Level 2
Friday – 9:30am Yoga: Level 2
Saturday – 10:15am Yoga: Level 1
Sunday 9am Restorative Yoga

Book a private yoga session or daily classes through our Online Scheduler to explore how yoga can transform your life and the way you interact with the world around you. Namaste


Author: Om Maui

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