Calorie burning! Strength Training! Full body Tonifying!


Nobody can complain about toned glutes and abs, right?!  Barre exercises, inspired by the prima ballerinas, Pilates and Yoga philosophies, incorporate light weights, high reps and intense muscle action.  Barre fitness includes glute training which prevents lower back pain, improves posture and paired with a deep core training improves digestion.  Also, Barre offers a movement foundation based on solid posture and alignment to sculpt your arms, glutes, legs and core without adding the bulk.   Om Maui’s Barre classes teach you how to fire your glutes and core, release tension in your upper and lower body, increase flexibility and gain strength.  Don’t miss out on these feel-good benefits waiting for you tomorrow, 4:30pm at Om Maui Studio!  Online Schedule:

Author: Om Maui

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