Class Changes Beginning February 1, 2013…

Aloha Om Family!

We hope your new year has been off to a wonderful start, as the holidays become a distant memory and resolutions refocus our determination to achieve new health goals for the year, we want to help you reach them! So to begin the month of February, we have lots of exciting class changes happening at the studio that we don’t want you to miss!


“Early Bird” Classes: Introducing new morning classes on Thursdays and Saturdays
Thursdays 7:15am- Cross Circuit (55min.)
Saturdays 7:30am- om Spin + Stretch (55min.)
Extra Restorative Yoga Class: Relax, reconnect and rejuvenate the mind & body by alleviating  mid-week stresses
Wednesdays 6pm- Restorative Yoga
Additional Class Schedule Updates starting Feburary:
Wednesdays-4pm Intro Yoga (6pm om Spin canceled)
Thursday- 7:15am om Cross Circuit (changed from 9:30am)
Saturdays- 8:30am Brazilian Butt Class (changed from 8:15am)For a complete list of all classes offered including changes beginning February 1, 2013, please refer to our online schedule and sign up for your favorite courses…we hope to see you soon!

Author: Om Maui

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