Game Plan During The Holidays…

The holiday season is the most difficult time to  maintain a healthy diet because of the endless supply of indulgent sweets and treats available to us, and who doesn’t have holiday favorites to look forward to during this special time of year? But allowing ourselves to indulge does not have to mean sacrificing our health goals at the same time…as is our philosophy at Om Maui, we strive to achieve balance in all areas of our lives especially our health and wellness.

So to help create a game plan for all of us as the Christmas holiday approaches, lets remember to be mindful of maintaining balance. We can focus on maintaining our weight over the holiday by remembering these 3 fitness tips:

1. Portion Control

2. Making Healthier Food Choices

3. Getting Regular Physical Activity

Now is not the time to forego your favorite fitness activities…and we at Om offer a wonderful selection of classes to help change up your routine, make it fun and help you stay active during the holidays! Making sure that we provide you with the best resourcesto stay focused on fitness throughout the holiday is one of our goals, so help us help you achieve it!

Over the next 4 weeks we will be sharing helpful diet and exercise tips to help you stay fit throughout the holidays, so keep following us on facebook, twitter, instagram and sign up online for our weekly classes-we hope to see you there!

Author: Om Maui

Om Maui is a wellness studio.