200 Classes to Personal Growth

We are celebrating another 200 class milestone at Om Maui Studio with Maui’s finest florist, Daneen!  Her courage, dedication and hardwork has been an inspiration to us all at Om Maui studio over the past year. The bigger celebration, however, is what this “personal investment in herself” represents. Daneen’s journey reminds and inspires us that it’s not about what happens to you in life, but it’s how you react that truly matters.

Here’s the story behind her victory:

In 2017, Daneen struggled to cope with the aftermath of a tough separation and letting go of the ideal of having a ‘normal family’. It was during this time of hardship that Daneen recognized that she needed strength for herself and for her son.  Although feeling broken,  she worked up the courage to discover her strength at Om Maui Studio and signed up for the Sunday Conditioning class. While it was physically challenging for her, she decided to make a pact with herself to carve out the time to develop her strength, with the mindset that “you will get through this and come out even stronger”.  She committed herself and signed up for a 12-month unlimited class membership at Om Maui and began to participate in other classes that the studio offered.

The motivation, energy and work that was given to her in class by the Om Maui team kept her coming back (200 times to be exact!!).  During these classes she would push herself to her limits as the instructors motivated her to do things that she never thought she could do. The words, “you can do this”, “dig for it”, “fight for it”, “do it for you or for someone else” that she heard in the studio became her internal mantras. Over time, accomplishing these physical activities in class made her feel strong and successful, and it manifested inwards.  At the end of each class she would love herself for doing what she had just done, realizing that she was stronger than she thought she was.

Strength was what she needed, self love is what she found.

This celebration of completing 200 classes in one year is extremely meaningful to both Daneen and us at Om Maui. She exemplifies the kind of person we should all strive to be, especially during times of hardship. That means having the courage to recognize your own needs and taking the time to nourish them. Her advice to those who want to try to better themselves is: “Don’t be afraid, even if your out of shape or intimidated. JUST SHOW UP! It’s not easy but it’s worth it”.

All of our instructors here at Om Maui feel honored to have witnessed Daneen’s growth and see her heart shine even brighter with each passing week. She is truly an inspiration for all of us, and a living reminder that when we find ourselves at the lowest points in our lives, the best way to move forward is to move inward. If you would like to embark on your own personal wellness journey, we would love to be your partner and help in anyway that we can. Please visit our website to see the services that we offer, or don’t hesitate to give us a call or email!  We are excited to see where this inner strength and self-love will take Daneen next! Once again, a big congratulations Daneen for your 200 class accomplishment!!!

Author: Om Maui

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