Specialty Classes: Pilates Equipment Classes


Our new  Pilates Equipment classes will teach you the basic principles of the Pilates method with machines that are specifically designed to strengthen your muscles and bones with resistance and support. Learn how to use this equipment in classes with a maximum capacity of 4 students. These specialty classes allow for increased individual attention and specialized instruction from the teacher and are offered at different price points than our regular classes; please see our Price Table below. Sign up for a specialty class through our online scheduler to reserve your spot now!

Specialty Classes
# of sessions Price Valid for:
1 Class $45/each 10 days
5 Classes $40/each 2 months
10 Classes                                        $35/each                                         4 months

10 Classes                                        $30/each      *3 & 12 Month Unlimited Member Discount


Author: Om Maui

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