New Year Candida Cleanse

Ready to clear out that holiday bloated feeling?  Here is a simple and safe cleanse that will help!

The Candida Cleanse by Dr. Joel Freidman, MD

 The Formula for 3 weeks:

-NO: sugars, sugar-substitutes, lactose, cheese, fructose, citrus, fruit, fermented foods, fried foods, bread, mushrooms/molds, vinegar, alcohol

-YES: 100% whole grains, raw & salted nuts, vegetables, root vegetables, protein, coconut, oils, legumes/beans, soy, herbs & spices

-READ LABELS: Be careful with any product that contains -ose, sweetened flavors, etc.

*Feta, goat and sheep products and stevia are o.k

-Probiotics help: Probiotic Pearls (available at most health food stores)

*Please consult with your doctor before trying this cleanse to see it if it right for you.

Author: Om Maui

Om Maui is a wellness studio.